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2005年 03月 01日

Tips for this blog

[At first...]
As you know, basically topics are displayed in time series.
You always see the latest post on the top of page.
(actually just below a post, titled “if you are a first-time visitor”)
I shrink most of topics to half.
Please click a link ( usually that is “More” on the bottom of each topic)
to enjoy whole content.

[How to look previous pages]
There are several ways for looking previous topics.
I can show you three of those.

1. Use an indicator
You can see an indicator on the bottommost of each page.
To look previous page, please click right-hand one.

2. Use a calendar
You can see a calendar on the right of each page and chose date.
To change month, you just click “< “or “>”.

3. Use categories
You can select topics from categories on the right of each page.

[How to make a comment]
Please click "How to comment" on the right menu.

by goodragon | 2005-03-01 19:46 | Tips of this blog