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2005年 04月 21日



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2005年 03月 25日

Thanks for your coming

This blog is based on Japanese. If your PC doesn’t have some software which recognize Japanese character, presumably you can see many strange characters. It may bother you. However, I’m trying to write topics not only in Japanese but also in English as much as I can.

Sooooooooo! Please make a comment!

[How to make a comment]
1. Click the “Comments” you can see lower right in each topic, and white blank boxes come out.

2. Put your name (of course nickname is ok) in the first small box. (necessary)
3. Write your own password in the second box in the first row so that you can delete your comment after sending it. (necessary)
4. Insert URL of you own web site of blog in next box, a little longer one than previous two, (optional)
5. Make you comment in the last big box. Anything is ok. (necessary!! ( ^_^)/ )
6. Click a grey button lower right of the big box to send.

Thank you very much !

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2005年 03月 01日

Tips for this blog

[At first...]
As you know, basically topics are displayed in time series.
You always see the latest post on the top of page.
(actually just below a post, titled “if you are a first-time visitor”)
I shrink most of topics to half.
Please click a link ( usually that is “More” on the bottom of each topic)
to enjoy whole content.

[How to look previous pages]
There are several ways for looking previous topics.
I can show you three of those.

1. Use an indicator
You can see an indicator on the bottommost of each page.
To look previous page, please click right-hand one.

2. Use a calendar
You can see a calendar on the right of each page and chose date.
To change month, you just click “< “or “>”.

3. Use categories
You can select topics from categories on the right of each page.

[How to make a comment]
Please click "How to comment" on the right menu.

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